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About Us

About Flatbed Trucking

“Flatbed” is one of the most common terms in the trucking industry. Chances are you’ve heard the term already. That’s because using flatbed trailers are probably the quickest, easiest forms of transportation out there. Clients who need things moved quickly already know that they are going to be using a flatbed truck.

That’s why at Flatbed Trucking™, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the different types of flatbed trailers you might need for your specific load.

Whether it be wide loads or LTL shipments, we are the experts in the business. Our experts have over 100 years of experience combined. We offer free freight quotes all day long!

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Different Flatbeds

One of the most valuable resources you will find on this site is detailed information on the different types of flatbed trailers. We tell you how they are best used.

Don’t waste money and let a sketchy broker talk you into an unnecessarily long flatbed to move your Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment. Instead, let our certified specialists tack that load onto an already-in-transit flatbed. This will save you money and time on all your flatbed trucking shipments!

Amazing Customer Support

Beyond our detailed documentation and transparent ethics, is our amazing customer support. We know that sometimes the easiest and smartest thing to do is to stop guessing and talk to a person who’s been in the industry for decades. That’s why all of our specialists are ready to book a load for you, while being completely honest and transparent about the costs, answer any questions you have, and get your load to its destination on time.

Don’t wait any longer! If we haven’t convinced you already of what sets us apart from the industry standard, head over to our quote page and see just how easy booking your shipment can be!

For more than 20 years, Flatbed Trucking has delivered freight around the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Call us today to get your freight on the road.

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